Frequently asked questions

What if I've never taught voice lessons before?

Well, you've got to start somewhere! All teachers do. Starting the lessons in the certification program not only focuses on your individual vocal growth as the teacher but also on quickly identifying and correcting the unique vocal imbalances of your voice students. You'd probably be surprised to know that the overwheliming majority of voice teachers were never taught how to teach others! Crazy and almost sad, but true. They were taught how to work on their own voices, but that doesn't help them identify with the imbalances of others, so most new teachers have to start discovering how to help others on their own. You will have a head start on most voice teachers because the certification process teaches you exactly how to help students who have a wide variety of vocal issues. You'll know what to do and can avoid so much of the "eperimentation" that most new voice teachers have to figure out on their own. Eric's approach to helping students will give you tools to help your singing students improve right away. By the time you have your certification you'll have so much more confidence in your teaching abilities. You'll actually have fun helping your students quickly improve in range, vocal control, and performing with a powerful connection with their audience.

How soon can I expect to become a certified teacher?

The program is somewhat self-paced. The first level of certification is 10 hours of one-on-one study with Eric. It usually takes about 4-6 months for a new teacher to complete the first level of certification. Most students will spread that time out a bit further depending on their situation. There is no rush to get through. The important thing as that you get solid understanding of the material as you go. That being said, Eric shows even brand new teachers how to start teaching and making money right away, even while working to obtain first level certification.

Can anyone be accepted into the program?

Well… no. As an example, to be a good voice teacher, you have to have a pretty good ear for intonation. In other words, you have to be able to easily hear if someone is singing sharp or flat tune and right on pitch, rather than singing in tune like they should. Without a good ear, it will be hard to help others learn to sing really well. During your first session with Eric, you'll see if voice teaching would be a great fit for your passions and abilities. If not, there's always golf! :-) Here is an article Eric wrote several years back: HOW TO BECOME A VOICE TEACHER

Where and how does the training take place?

The vast majority of teachers in the program will do virtually all of their lessons, training, observations, testing and education all online via Skype or Facetime, and through supplemental audio and video training.

Is studying voice lessons over the internet on Skype as effective as the in-studio lessons?

Yes! While most of my "Skype students" are from all over the world, even some of my local students study via Skype, though they could easily come to the studio in person. They like the convenience of taking the lesson at home, and they can still get a recorded version of the lesson so they can practice what we did in the lesson. There are those who prefer in-studio lessons. It's just a personal preference. Give it a try!

What if I've never played piano? Do I need to be able to read music?

There is very little piano to know for voice teaching. You'll just need to be able to play the exercises for the singers, and the exercises are not difficult. You will learn what you need to know in the certification program. Sure reading music and playing the piano is a plus, but you will learn what you need to know as you go through the program.

How much does the certification process cost?

The only cost of the program is the same as taking regular voice lessons, or even less. The first certification level takes 10 hours of lesson time to complete. The second and third level certifications take 5 hours of lesson time each. Your only cost is the price of the lesson time which you pay for as you take each lesson, so the cost is spread out over the course of your training. There are no other charges or obligation outside of that. Actually, it's Eric goal to have your students paying for the certification process, even if you have no students to start. Believe it or not, even before your certification is completed you will start teaching some beginner level lessons, effectively covering the cost of the certification for you. In fact, just teaching a couple of lessons a week can pay for the entire certification process. We want to make the program as accessible as possible. The bottom line is that you will be responsible for 10 hours of lesson time, and that's it! Contact us for current lesson prices. The price of just one lesson gets you started! There are no ongoing charges to keep your certification in force. Once you are certified, you are certified for life.

Can I really make that much money as a voice teacher?

Yep! You're not an employee. You work as a self-employed individual, so you build your business and go as far as your abilities will take you! If you don't plan to work hard at helping build your teaching studio numbers by becoming a better and better teacher, then voice teaching might not be for you. But, if working for yourself and teaching others to sing sounds motivating, then it can be very financially rewarding as well. A couple of quick examples: Teaching 10 hours a week at only $50 per hour is a great way to make $25,000 a year, part-time. A 15-hour week at $75 per hour will bring in about $56,000 annually, again, working only part-time! The better teacher you are, the more you can charge, and the busier you'll be. It isn't at all uncommon for voice teachers to charge $100 per hour. 15 hours a week at $100 per hour? $75,000 annually! That same $100 at 25 hours per week? $125,000 per year! You get the idea!

Do I have to go through all three of the teaching certification levels?

No. Once you are certified at any of the three levels, you are certified for life, regardless of whether you decide to move to the next level. The Sing With Power Voice Teacher Certification Program has three levels. You can decide how far in your training you want to go. When you are where you want to be within the program, then you no longer have to progress to the next certification level. Of course, to insure that you keep your teaching skills sharp, all of the certification level teachers are definitely encouraged to continue ongoing education. That can come in the form of lessons, video training, workshop attendance (either live or online), etc. Honing your skills as a teacher is ongoing education should never stop.

Can I start at a higher certification level if I've already taught or studied voice?

Maybe... For many, learning to teach voice lessons will be a new endeavor. For others, it's a natural "next step" for them in their teaching careers, and they will likely be placed further into the certification process. The Sing With Power Voice Teacher Certification Program has three levels. Your initial placement is determined by your past experience, your abilities and performing and teaching background. In the first session with Eric, your basic vocal abilities and any teaching experience you might have will be assessed, and then Eric will discuss how much credit you may be given upon entering the program.



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