Mastering Vibrato

Mastering Vibrato

A Training Program for Mastering Vibrato!


Perfect Vibrato is a 3 lesson vocal training program for developing and mastering vibrato. No matter the style of music, one of the characteristics of a professional sounding voice is a controlled use of vibrato and straight tone.


How does the Perfect Vibrato Program "perfect" my vibrato?


The Perfect Vibrato Training Program takes you step-by-step, helping you master the use of vibrato, as well as the use of straight tone in your singing voice. Perfect Vibratotm is recorded on 3 CDs or an instant download, broken down into a total of four sections.


Here's the breakdown:


1. The vibrato assessment helps you determine how to effectively progress through the program


2. Developing the vibrato utilizes 7 different methods to finding your best vibrato


3. Polishing the vibrato uses dozens of exercises to give a great, finished sound while also perfecting a free, open and powerful straight tone


4. The final section pulls it all together! This is the application section. You'll learn to easily move between vibrato and straight tone when stylizing on your songs.


Vibrato is... that smooth, steady pulse you hear in a singer's voice when he or she is holding out a note. It's used in virtually every musical style, almost resembling a subtle wave in the vocal tone. It's used to give warmth and depth to a singer's sound.


Is vibrato "natural" (happens by itself) or is it consciously “caused” somehow by the singer? For an article I've authored about this subject, CLICK HERE

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